With services available for a range of markets, KSL Flooring Solutions has built a reputation for providing quality flooring solutions and related services for home and business clients in and around St. Catharines, Niagara Falls, Fort Erie, Welland, Niagara On The Lake, Port Colborne, Grimsby, Stoney Creek, Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Milton, Mississauga, Brampton, Scarborough, Toronto, Oshawa and neighbouring communities. Our flooring experts will assist you in selecting the ideal floor coating or service for your specific flooring requirements. Our company is fully-insured, credentialed and approved for working in government facilities. For new flooring or to restore your existing flooring system, our St. Catharines floor coatings team of experienced and fully trained professionals proudly service the following diverse markets:


Our St. Catharines floor coatings team know how meet the demands of many industrial markets. Food and beverage processing, electronic production, environmental services, aerospace, automotive manufacturing, and chemical synthesis are just some of the Industrial businesses that can benefit from our industrial flooring services. We offer a wide range of flooring applications that will improve the safety, productivity, and overall efficiency of any industrial facility with specialized flooring applications tailored for industrial production, manufacturing and storage, and special features like waterproof membranes, tough abrasion resistant coatings, and extremely durable finishes.


With attractive decorative options and patterns for flooring in public areas, tough epoxy floor coatings that can handle heavy foot traffic, and durable floor coatings perfect for backroom and storage areas, KSL Flooring Solutions has a range of floor coatings to meet any commercial flooring need. Our professional flooring contractors have tailored flooring systems for many styles and sizes of low-rise / high-rise commercial buildings, including offices, shopping centres, hotels, motels, auto repair shops, schools, hospitals, parking garages, car washes, gas stations, convention centres, restaurants, apartment buildings, condominiums, new construction projects, all kinds of churches, and much more.

Food & Beverage Plants

A trusted source of flooring solutions uniquely suited for food and beverage production markets like cementitious floor urethane flooring and methyl methacrylate (MMA) flooring, our floor coatings offer benefits required in food and beverage plants like waterproof seal, slip resistance, and a tightly bond with underlying flooring to reduce risk of contamination. We also can provide safety markings and line painting designed to improve the overall efficiency, productivity, and safety of any food or beverage production facility.


Whether a new construction project, apartment complex, condo, or your family’s home, many local residential property owners have come to realize the extraordinary benefits that our floor coatings delivers for residential properties. Our slip-resistant floor coatings are perfect for residential areas like walkways, pool decks, garages, foyers, workrooms, basements, laundry rooms, playrooms, bathrooms, closets, darkrooms, and virtually any other residential floor. Increase the value of your residential property while enhancing the appearance, longevity and safety of your residential floors with our quality flooring services.


Our company provides a full fleet of flooring applications ideal for environments engaged in the manufacture, storage and sale of pharmaceutical products, including our three component mortar or slurry Cementitious Floor Urethane flooring and Methyl methacrylate (MMA) flooring. Many of the flooring solutions offered by our company are required for the flooring in the pharmaceutical industry, including slip-resistance, waterproofing, chemical resistance, the ability to withstand extremes of heat and cold, as well as safety markings and line painting. We are also fully-credentialed and approved for working in government-operated facilities.


The electronics industry can benefit from many of the industrial flooring options offered by KSL Flooring Solutions. However, our specialized Electrostatic Dissipative (ESD) floors are ideal for the electronics industry and suited to the demands of electronic manufacture and production. Also called Static Dissipative flooring systems, ESD floors protect sensitive equipment by safely carrying static charges to the ground and protecting both sensitive equipment and personnel.


Nurseries, daycare facilities, secondary-schools, post-secondary schools, middle schools, high schools, colleges, universities, and training centres are just some of the educational institutions that can benefit from the flooring solutions that KSL Flooring Solutions provides. Our St. Catharines floor coatings team can create low-maintenance, easy-to-clean slip-resistant flooring systems for all kind of educational institutions and environments, like classrooms, entranceways, corridors, kitchens, lunchrooms, gymnasiums, bathrooms, locker rooms, showers, storage areas, boiler rooms, and much more! We also provide durable flooring for special educational areas like laboratories, darkrooms, and maintenance rooms.


Fully equipped and experienced to provide the ideal flooring solution for many healthcare facilities, our professional flooring installers can apply floor coatings suitable for hospitals, clinics, medical and dental offices, surgical centres, waiting rooms, laboratories, blood clinics, testing facilities, radiology labs, pharmacies, chiropractors, massage therapists, wellness centres and more. Our floor coatings are easy to clean and sanitize and generally low-maintenance. We also pay special attention to issues of hygiene, the risk of contamination, slip-resistance, ergonomics, waterproofing, protecting sensitive medical technology, and managing areas subject heavy foot traffic. Additional options are available for extreme temperature-sensitive environments, moisture-control and resistance to chemicals and corrosives.


From the ability to handle heavy foot traffic to the being able withstand the weight of large vehicles, flooring in the transportation market covers a wide range of applications with specific flooring needs. KSL Flooring Solutions offers a full fleet of durable flooring solutions useful in the transportation market, including waterproofing, slip-resistant surfaces, resistance to chemicals and corrosives, and safety lines and line painting. Our company provides flooring solutions suitable for transportation markets, including bus stations, airports, car rental facilities, garages, service centres, waiting areas, platforms, bathrooms, storage areas, and much more! Attractive options like colouring, decorative quartz / flake systems are also available for many of our floor coatings.


With a range of durable, ergonomic, waterproof, chemical/corrosive resistant and slip-resistant high tech flooring solutions, KSL Flooring Solutions is uniquely positioned to serve highly-specialized markets like aviation and aerospace. Our knowledgeable technicians are fully-equipped with state-of-the-art equipment like computer aided design (CAD) technology to deliver thorough and enduring custom tailored flooring solutions that fully satisfy the specific flooring needs of the aviation industry. For example, floor coatings like our cementitious floor urethane are able withstand exposure to extreme temperatures and heavy traffic, while our Static Dissipative (ESD) Flooring systems protect highly sensitive electronic equipment.


Our commercial flooring experts excel in delivering impressive flooring for retail stores and businesses, whether setting up a new store for the first time or reimagining an established retail space. For wholesale, corporate, specialized or general retail businesses, our team will provide a flooring system that contributes to the appearance, appeal, and general function of any retail space by improving ease of movement, flow, and even making a space appear larger or more intimate as desired. Popular commercial flooring solutions like epoxy floor coatings, attractive decorative quartz / flake systems, concrete floor polishing, slip-resistance, decorative microcement, ergonomics, epoxy mortar systems, waterproofing, and line painting, can transform any retail environment!

All of our flooring solutions are custom-tailored to meet the specific flooring needs of our clients. The training, planning and experience engineers, electricians, and millwrights on our team means that our flooring specialists know how to provide the best flooring solutions for our clients. Many of local industry leaders depend on the work by the St. Catharines floor coatings experts at KSL Flooring Solutions. A number of brand name companies are among our working partners. For some ideas of what our company can do to improve or enhance your property’s flooring system, take a look at our gallery of past projects and review some of our client testimonials. For a free quote on any of our floor coatings or to learn more about our company, and the markets we serve, contact us today!

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